The Kitchen

Crown City Kitchen Rental was created to meet a need.

When Jodie Bartell first came across the kitchen, it was to help her daughter run a cookie business: Hannah’s Monster Cookies. Soon after, she found herself running the space and helping entrepreneurs get their culinary businesses off the ground and running. If you’re in her kitchen, Jodie wants to see you succeed, even if that means outgrowing the space and moving on.

Whether it’s a brand new endeavor or time for a culinary company to upgrade to bigger digs, Crown City Kitchen Rental is a self-contained, turnkey space with everything you need at your disposal. And from the moment you walk in, the kitchen is all your own.
Our equipment and appliances are all within reach, and you don’t have to worry about sharing your equipment, space, or secret recipe.
"I would definitely recommend the kitchen to anyone even looking for any sort of commercial space. It’s just always been a nice and welcoming experience every time I’m there."  ~ Teera, Enjoy Thai

Our kitchen is located in beautiful Coronado, a short, scenic drive from central San Diego.

Our space is inspected a minimum of every two to three weeks, per the county of San Diego, and we pride ourselves in keeping it clean. When you come in to work, we want you to feel at home. Crown City Kitchen Rental is a safe, clean, spacious environment that caters to your needs. If you’re ready, we’re ready—it’s time to get cookin’.

“We cater to a lot of weddings and with the kitchen, the location is key. It’s right by the Hotel Del, so we have couples that come in for tastings and it’s great because we can create our own ambiance and keep everything personal. It’s been helpful to our success as a small business.” ~ Leonard, We Cater San Diego

The Details

When you rent our space, you get turnkey access to a state-of-the-art facility and the latest equipment. Our appliances have all been purchased within the last five years, and are replaced as needed to keep your experience running smoothly. Along with 500 square feet of space in the main production area, with each rental session you have access to:

  • Two Full-Sheet Royal Convection Ovens
  • Royal Stove Cooktop
  • Two True Refrigerators
  • Two True Freezers
  • 200 Sq. Ft. Dry Storage Space with Metro-Racks
  • Three Deep Tub Sinks
  • Industrial Grade Prep Station
  • Industrial Grade Hand-Wash Station
  • Small Kitchenaid Hand Mixer
  • Large (10 qt.) Hobart Mixer
  • All Clad and Cuisinart Pots and Pans
  • Full Sheet Trays and Baker’s Racks
  • Standard Industrial Knives, Spoons, Ladles, and Forks

All you need to bring is your food product and your passion, and you’re all set to start creating.

Our Credentials

Our kitchen is compliant with California state and Coronado city health code laws.

Crown City Kitchen Rental is also certified with GSA (Government Services Accounting) so clients can fulfill military contracts and with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Because of our numerous and varied clients, we are unable to offer a certified gluten-free space.

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